züriplay is a comprehensive directory of playgrounds in the City of Zürich, Switzerland.

Initially our family had the tendency to frequent the same playgrounds over and over and after a while we were eager to change the scene and explore other outdoor play spaces. This was the inspiration for züriplay - make it easier to locate playgrounds in the CIty of Zürich and find out beforehand what to expect.

To date (April 2012) we have visited more than 100 of Zürich’s 150+ playgrounds, taking photographs, documenting the features and facilities, and collecting any additional information we think may be of interest. We plan to visit the remaining 50+ playgrounds over the next several months to complete the database.

We sincerely hope you will also contribute to the site. Leave comments – tell us which playgrounds are great to host a birthday party, share where your little ones built their first sandcastles, went down the slide alone… Let us know of any upcoming events at a particular site. Notify us if a playground is under construction. We want to hear about anything you think is important for other parents to know. 

Now, go and find a playground!

Rebecca and her boys



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Francis Chouquet 

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